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The time is the summer after fifth grade (never mind the year). I am heading off to girl scout camp, and my grandmother decides that a camera would make a nice parting gift. Off we go to a department store where she purchased a $5 Kodak 126 camera for me to document my time away from home. I still have those negatives.

I've loved photography for almost as long as I can remember. In 2006, For many years it was simply a way to record memories - as everyone now does with their phones. Somewhere along the way, it morphed into something more. How to capture the moment with all of the feeling and communicate that feeling to others. It's a challenge, but one that I embrace.


My other first love is horses. Typical girl - loves horses and wants to be around them 24/7. I've tried for years to remember the first time I realized that I was horse crazy. I haven't been successful. It's just there. It took a long time but I finally bought my first horse in 2016 and we're starting a new chapter together. I hope to learn more Equine Photography techniques with her so stay tuned.