Conquering ftp

March 10, 2010  •  Leave a Comment


Wow. What a high! What does it say about someone when figuring out ftp makes them dance across the floor while giggling madly? Is that really me? Does site work really, really make me that happy? Sadly, yes.


GoDaddy was a huge help, of course (still my hero!). I was using their ftp to change some files on the site - which was a feat in and of itself - and after initial success with that yesterday (no dancing, but most definitely some giggling), today was unsuccesful. Undaunted, I decided to see if I could figure out Filezilla to finish my updates. As if by magic, when GoDaddy's ftp client had trouble connecting, they provided me with all I needed to know in order for Filezilla to work. Karma baby! I filled in the blanks, transferred files, and danced my way across the floor! What a feeling!


Lesson: don't be afraid of the alphabits. I would suggest not trying to conquer them all at the same time, but really, they don't bite.


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