FTP, PHP, MySQL And The Heat Is On

March 04, 2010  •  Leave a Comment

*NOTE* This was a blog post written while creating my first personal website with Wordpress.


Sigh. From the top of the mountain with energy to burn and excitement about creating my own website to crashing headlong into reality and discovering that I'm finally going to have to learn about those silly little things called FTP, PHP, MySQL (hereafter referred to as 'alphabits') and other equally scary acronyms. Oh - and I happened to be listening to The Heat Is On (Glen Frey) as I attempted to summon the courage to focus on reading about them. It's not working. I can procrastinate with the best of them. Made sense to write a post about my attempt to gain knowledge about alphabits, eh?


I was all set to run to the library to find some books about said alphabits. Then I remembered that I already had a book about Wordpress blogs - eureka! That very same book covers everything I need to know (but had skipped over the first time I read it because I had someone else taking care of the alphabits) and then some. I love it when I save myself extra work.


Now to read, digest (the hard part), and spend some time looking into Wordpress.org, which, apparently is where I want to be - not Wordpress.com. So says the author and who am I to argue? He knows his alphabits and I don't. At least not yet.


The Heat Is On!


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