GoDaddy Is My Hero!

March 06, 2010  •  Leave a Comment

*NOTE* GoDaddy is no longer my hero. This was written while creating my original Wordpress website.


GoDaddy saved the day! After squirming and making faces while desperately trying to figure out MySQL, FTP and the alphabits, I gave up. Admitted defeat. Decided to sleep on it and see what today might bring.


Today brought an email from GoDaddy that said someone (me!) had changed some settings for my domain. Oops. Fortunately, the wonderful GoDaddy support team included a handy dandy phone number should I have any questions. Whoa! Did I!


After just a short wait, a wonderfully patient rep was on the line with me (whose name I forgot to write down - I hate it when I forget to do that - especially when they are uber-helpful!). I explained the mess I'd gotten myself into ("I knowthere are people more stupid than me who've done this! It can't be that hard!"), and within minutes he had me not correct the change I'd made, but walked me through installing Wordpress! Yippee! He was so helpful and nice. I completed the followup survey and gave him nothing but the best marks. Who doesn't love good customer service/tech support?


The next email, which arrived not 10 minutes later, was notification that the site was ready. Whoohoo! Turn me loose - I am now live and dangerous. This old dog just learned a new trick.


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