Going Live. Again.

May 07, 2011  •  Leave a Comment

May 2011. Time to add another post. I certainly don't want to overload the site with too many musings...


It's time to announce that the website I was working on - TotalMedicalCompliance - has finally gone live! The owners report that they are getting traffic and inquiries daily and so far, all is working well and it is a rousing success.


This site involved several new areas for me - I'd never worked on a web store before. I'd never dealt with different user groups and limiting access to pages. I had to learn about OSHA laws, HIPAA laws, and all that is involved with keeping a medical or dental practice current on complying with the various rules and regulations that apply to them (trust me - it's a lot - it's a wonder an office has time to see patients, let alone keep up with records and paperwork).


I was able to fit site work in with the photography shoots, so it all worked out well timewise. I'd finish up with one job that I loved for the day and start on the other job that I loved! How cool is that?


When I joined the team, they'd had the site for almost a year, but needed help implementing their ideas and polishing it for going live. I was able to assist them in realizing their ideas for the site and finding solutions to issues with different users having access to specific areas or documents within the site.


And now it's springtime and cicadas are hatching (making it sound as if we're being invaded by a horde of low-budget 1950's SciFi UFO sound effects) and the weather is spectacular. Flowers are blooming, trees are flowering, school will be out soon, and dinners on the deck are the norm.


Life is good.


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