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May 26, 2010  •  Leave a Comment

Side benefits of shooting a horse farm

Well things are going very well. Tour Factory has taken off - I never expected to be this busy this quickly. Clients are happy with my work, and I LOVE going to shoots! The biggest problem is that most times when I'm searching for the address, I have nothing to go by. The agent hasn't always put a sign out at that point, and not all homes have a visible number. Two times in the same day I wasn't sure I was at the right home - at one I stopped at the end of the driveway (it wasn't on a street that was amenable to parking), got out and asked the approaching owner, "Is this 9999?" (Hoping to the heavens above that it was and that he wasn't some crazy, wigged out, No Trespassing kind of guy!)


But all in all, it's a blast. I love shooting a home and seeing how awesome it can look in photos. I love being outside in this beautiful weather. I don't even mind the driving. I'm sleeping better than I have in a long time - less stress, I guess. I'm also waking up at 7am ready to go - HIGHLY unusual for me!


So maybe this was meant to be my path all along. Strange how life sends you on all sorts of wayward paths to get where you are going. As they say - it's not the destination, but the journey (or something like that, anyway). I can say I'm enjoying the hell out of my journey.


Check out my recent work with Tour Factory if you like. If you're thinking of putting your home on the market - ask your agent to consider using Tour Factory for a virtual tour and then ask for me as a photographer. You won't be disappointed!


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