One Step Forward . . .

April 10, 2010  •  Leave a Comment

*NOTE* This is one of several posts written while creating my original personal Wordpress website. This information does not apply to Zenfolio.


Two steps back.


I thought I'd gotten the photo galleries to display the way I wanted, but I forgot to check the site out on my ancient Windows laptop. Aarrgh! I'm trying to get 3 different plug-ins to work together. So I have to play with the myriad of settings in each plug-in to see what combination is going to mesh nicely and produce the look that I envision. It's sort of like a Rubik's Cube (which I HATED then and still hate now - must be a left brain, right brain thing because I have NO desire whatsoever to figure that out).


So I trudge on, reveling in the small victories, and slogging through the muck and mire that taxes my foggy brain and slows me down.


On another note, it's another beautiful spring day here, with Carolina blue skies and perfect temps. Think I'll ditch the site work and take a walk with the dog.


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