Things Are Picking Up

April 14, 2010  •  Leave a Comment

Tour Factory shoots are picking up! It's been a little "trial by fire", learning how to work the other side of the shoots, but being familiar with the company software has sure made it easier.


Even though I've been shooting homes for years, doing shoots for Tour Factory is a bit of a different animal. Whereas before I was only working for one agent, whose preferences were well known to me, now I'm working with a different agent each time, trying to work a shoot into their schedule, with their preferences. No longer do I only have to think about my schedule when scheduling a shoot - now I have to think about the other agent, their schedule, their sellers and their schedule. It can get a little crazy if I think about it too much.


I'm going to ease back on the website for a bit now that it's at least presentable. I have lists everywhere that need consolidating and I have to come up with a better way to organize my desk area or I'll go stark raving mad.


I played with my new camera a little yesterday, checking out some different settings and features. Going to experiment with some HDR shots, which call for bracketing (something I've always known about, but never bothered to completely figure out). It also requires a decent tripod, so time to upgrade!


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