Thunder Rolls But I Refuse To Shut Down

August 05, 2010  •  Leave a Comment

Trying to decide whether the awesome thunder rolling by is reason enough to turn off the computer and unplug. I love the sound of the thunder - would love for some rain - but I'm having trouble clicking on 'shut down'.


Have we become such a wired generation that we feel lost without technology? How much are we spending on conveniences that were non-existent a generation ago? Let's see, we have (lightning flashing - I really should shut down):

  • cell phones - most run $70-$100/month with internet access
  • internet access for your home based computer - $20-$40/month
  • digital/satellite TV - $80-$150/month
  • Sirius radio - no idea how much this is as I can't believe that anyone really pays for radio - maybe $35/month?
  • OnStar - $150/year I think


And on and on. I've missed a lot, I'm sure. The ironic thing is that in the background, I'm listening to music on my laptop and currently a vintage Pete Seeger album is playing. It's one that I remember from growing up, when you had to put a vinyl album on to a record player and you had a giant album cover to look at and read while the music played. It brings me back to earth when I feel as if I'm getting too caught up in the digital gadgets.


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