You Get What You Pay For

April 06, 2010  •  Leave a Comment

*NOTE* This is one of several posts written while creating my original personal Wordpress website. This information does not apply to Zenfolio.


So, I've been fighting with my site's theme for several weeks now. I guess you get what you pay for ($0 - what did I expect?). The theme (which is the 'look' and 'feel' of the site) is designed to be a photo blog. To showcase photography. But . . . the designer would rather not say which photo gallery plug-in works best with the theme. I was left to my own devices to find one that works. Many hours and much eye-rolling produced nothing more than, "That question was already answered."


Well, thanks so much for your help. Look - if you don't want to provide the help and support for a theme, keep it to yourself. I remember several years ago finding software that was the perfect solution for an organization that I was working with. The designer of that software didn't want to sell it to us (he had only designed it for his wife's local organization to use) because he didn't want to have to provide the support that would be implied. He knew that once he sold the software to one group, others would also want it, and so on, and so on. He made a good point. (In the end, he did sell it to us, as well as others, sucked it up, kept up the development end, and made quite a few organizations very happy. No word on how the support end went...)


So I've been reading, researching, reading some more and checking the forums every so often to see if my questions have been answered. They haven't been. I've tweaked settings, played with the CSS, tried to diagnose with Firefox Firebug (LOVE that little app!) and prayed to the dark overlords of the internet. Nyet. Nada. Nothing.


I think I've found a workable solution. Hopefully now all I have to do is choose the photos I would like to publish, get them edited and resized, and then pop them onto the site. I think.


In the meantime, I am officially a photographer with Tour Factory virtual tours! I'm looking forward to shooting homes for sale and showing them in the best light possible. Nothing is more rewarding than having a client tell you how wonderful you made their home look. With the beautiful weather and picture perfect Carolina blue skies we have here, it's wonderful to have such an opportunity.


Enjoy the Spring after such a harsh winter!


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