Finding My Voice

March 12, 2013  •  Leave a Comment

I need to find my voice. My vision. My creative inner self. 

I know it's there somewhere. It's just been buried for so long while I was busy raising kids and running them around to school events, swimming, and jobs, that it's been a little difficult to find it again. Sort of like looking for a paper clip in the junk drawer. Or a long lost riding crop in a messy garage - yes, I was looking for that recently - I concluded that I must have given it away. Hopefully I haven't given away my photographic vision.

Currently, while keeping my days full with Real Estate photography - which I love - I am also trying to spend some free time rediscovering my love of photographing equines. I am trying to zero in on two passions, while at the same time totally LOVING what I am doing. I can't think of anything better than spending a day at the barn, surrounded by horses, with a camera in hand. Unless I'm riding.

The first day of this project was cold and rainy. A day that would normally find me inside, huddled under a blanket watching old movies. But now I have a quest! A reason to venture outside! So, camera in hand, I headed out. With no idea of what I wanted to capture in my mind at all. Seriously. Nothing.

After arriving and informing some friends of my new project, they were all agreeable to allowing me to shoot away. First hurdle behind me, I started taking pictures. Again - with no idea of anything specific in mind. It was like writers block!

But I did find that the more I shot, the more I started to envision something I'd like to capture. Concentrating on close-ups seemed to be the way I was headed. OK, I thought, go with it. Barns are not known for being light and bright, and the weather outside was frightful, so I started to listen to my inner voice and shoot. I wanted to use natural light and learn how to deal with it instinctually. 

I didn't shoot a lot that day, but enough to learn that this will be a long-term project. I am too used to someone telling me what to do. I need to assert myself and think for myself. Which is hard for me.

Here is the favorite from that day. More to come as I venture out and try new things.


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