Massaging Horses

March 18, 2013  •  1 Comment

Continuing with my focus on photographing equines, when I arrived at Hidden Spring Farm yesterday, the equine masseuse was there, working on one of the residents. Linda Stewart is a Licensed Massage Bodywork Therapist (LMBT).  I quickly changed plans from getting shots of owners and their relationship with their horses to the work being done by the masseuse.

While I was shooting, we talked about the profession - how she got into it, where was she trained, etc. By the time I left I was wishing I'd thought to go into that field. It was all very interesting and I swear I could see the change in the muscles as she worked on them.

Most of my shooting was Linda at work, but I also grabbed a few of another horse, Ivanhoe, while he was getting ready for a ride.

Favorites from the day:

Working out the kinks

Ivanhoe at 23:

It was a wonderful day.


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Hi Melinda!

I'd be happy to share the images I took that day with you. I will contact you via email about it.

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