Website Design & Maintenance

Currently I am maintaining the website for Piper Glen Women's Club. I also happen to be a member, so it was a natural fit. With my penchant for timely information as well as easy navigation, a redesign was in order. The new site debuted in May 2012. There is still much to be done, however members can stay informed on current issues and meetings.  





In 2011, I assisted in the launch of a new website for Total Medical Compliance. In early 2010, they had contracted a company to design a new site for them, and to provide training on maintaining the site. As of December 2010, the training had proved to be inadequate, and they were looking for someone who understood Wordpress to help them get the site launched. I started working for them shortly after and the site went live on April 21, 2011 and it has been very successful for them. Work is ongoing with small tweaks here and there and new programs are being implemented continuously. It has been a very successful partnership. 



From 2000 to 2010, I worked with one of Charlotte's top real estate teams as their Marketing Director. During that time, with their input, I created:

  • Their first custom website with Advanced Access
  • A second Advanced Access website that gave me full control
  • A Wordpress website specifically designed for Realtors®
  • A newer version of the Wordpress website

With the internet changing constantly, it was imperative that I stay on top of what technology was available and possibly useful for their website. Top priority was the user experience - did everything work as it should, was the site easy to navigate, were users able to find what they were looking for with just a few clicks? This included integration of an IDX feed (allowing visitors to search the local MLS for homes that are for sale), an iPhone app, adding client comments on a regular basis, and some search engine optimization (getting the site to show up in search engine results). In 2006, they started a blog. This was first located at, and later integrated into their main website, Website and Blog became one, and suddenly I found myself a blog writer, website designer and maintainer, photographer, marketer and their own personal IT department. While all of that was going on, I also maintained and developed: